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Chef Ian Baker has been cooking for over 10 years. In high school he worked as a dish washer and eventually a cook in downtown Wilmington eateries and restaurants. At a young age he was an aspiring entrepreneur and had his own Lawn Care Business where he went door to door attracting clientele. He was a 3 sport athlete and dreamed of taking his talents to college. He attended Hampton University where he played football and worked as a server at a chain Mexican Restaurant, cashier at a national fast food chain and server at a local Soul Food Eatery. He also worked a few events at with a small catering company. He had cooking competitions with his teammates that he often won and invited friends over to test his food. He received many compliments and owes his early success of cooking to a Betty Crocker cookbook his mom gave him before leaving for college. After Graduating from college Chef B had a hard time with the initial job hunt. Chef B had a dilemma of choosing a career path. He bounced ideas of brochures back and forth between automotive, culinary, and a possible MBA. He was leaning more towards food as the long summer of 2005 went along. So as a graduation present his mother purchased him a Food Vending Cart. Simultaneously he enrolled in the culinary arts Program at The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College. To balance his tuition he picked up a secondary job at an engineering firm as the Marketing Director. This job helped Chef B with his personal demeanor and his approachable attitude. Chef B enjoyed the perks of his job and the interaction with people but did not find this job satisfying to his career aspirations. His sister suggested working in a school. Reluctant to what was being offered Chef B applied and was hired 3 days after his interview. He worked his way up in the ranks to be an eventual Food Service Manager. Having so many entrepreneurs in his family Chef B had the knack to venture out while in culinary school. So in 2006 he started “Chef Baker’s Catering”. He maintained his food cart for 3 years before selling it.
“Selling the food cart is clearly the biggest mistake I have ever made in terms of my career.”
While working in the school district Chef B bounced from different restaurants looking for his niche. Many Chefs and Bosses wanted more of his time but never gave what the school district offered. He worked at a new Wilmington restaurant as a food runner; bartender, server, dishwasher and host, which helped him, see every aspect of the restaurant. His main goal was to make it to the line which he did after a line cook called in sick. It was the break Chef was looking for. Upon graduating from TRS Chef B remained stagnant and wrote down his goals for what he wanted to do. Now Chef B wishes to attain the goals that he set out to get 3 years ago. After being released from yet another restaurant due to time commitment Chef B realized that working for others is not in the cards.
“I am ready to take the leap of faith and let my wings guide me to greatness.”
Chef B is engaged and currently enjoys time dining out, working out, and reading. His goals are be a restaurateur with different concepts a respected member of his community and be a successful provider to his family. He coaches football and basketball. He tutors and mentors whenever he has the Chance and he is a proud Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. He also enjoys the culinary challenges his customers bring to him on weekly basis.



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